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Rhonda Skloff
Owner, Instructor

Life is our very own journey; it ‘s our own story. The story is only enhanced by telling it and sharing it with each other and that is my goal: to share my journey and to learn from yours.

Opening Lotus Studios was the next step in m own personal journey and one that I am happy to share with everyone who comes through our doors.

I began working in the fitness industry when I was in college, carrying a very large boom box, making cassette tapes for my music and teaching ‘Slimnastics’. I was very much into weight training and had brief thoughts of becoming a body builder!

Things have certainly evolved since then. Prior to opening Lotus Studios, I taught ‘Spinning’ in area clubs and am certified in Reebok, Keiser & Realryder Cyling . Simultaneously, I was an in-home personal trainer for 14 years, specializing in Breast Cancer Recovery and a Pilates teacher. I have Power Pilates mat certifications 1 & 2 and certifications in Personal training & Breast Cancer, Pilates & Breast Cancer and Yoga & Breast Cancer.


Then I fell in love …. With yoga. Of course in my early yoga practice I simply muscled through it. I could hardly sit still, let alone lie in Savasana. Slowly, but surely I began to see the benefits of moving my body to focus my mind and slow down the spinning world in and around me – I was hooked.

I signed up for my 200 hour teacher training with Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School and my life changed. My journey continued from there. Practicing, reading, taking workshops, teaching and finally opening the studio. I recently completed my 500 hour teacher training with Natasha Rizopoulus and many other master teachers of Down Under Yoga.

Combining my love for yoga and my passion for cycling is what brought me to this step in my journey. This studio is my Yin and my Yang. Yoga and cycling are what brings me to balance and inner peace and my only wish is that it will bring everyone who enters our doors the very same.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Peace, Peace, Peace